collections that are raw as fuck ➝ elie saab f/w 2014-15

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it’s been awhile since i’ve actually blogged it seems and i miss all of ya’ll :*

best friend, i fucking miss you and i love you and i hope you are doing okay! oh, coffee date soon, yes?
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I miss you too! Sorry I missed ya saturday night…i tried dab for the first time and was sooooo gone. And yes coffee date soon! Love you <3 

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Please don’t be angry with people for not understanding something. Explain to them. Educate them. Inform them. Do not yell and call them names. Because they will still not comprehend. Except now, they are hurt. And you are the asshole.

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your eyes are pretty :)

thank you very much, i was having such a bland day and this just made it better :*

People have just been fucking rude as shit today and I’m already 300% done.

Fuck you. Done.

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Zippos from the Vietnam War.

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